"Growing a great business, one customer at a time, one store at a time!"

Overview: Supermarkets Plus LLC is an operating entity established to operate new and acquire retail grocery stores and chains. S+ is structured as an operating series LLC entity by Appletree Capital Ltd, an independent private equity sponsor. The mission is to acquire regional grocery chains and individual stores that either overlap or are adjacent to one another in a consolidation play where economies of scale are achieved and to expand and grow the combined business.

Current Operating Stores: S+ is currently opening stores in the Northern New Jersey retail market operating under the Price $aver Marketplace banner.

Market/Opportunity: We believe there are still great opportunities to enter and operate retail grocery stores in select markets. Their are many smaller family-operated chains that are available for consolidation. We feel that we could continue to differentiate these acquired stores in their market and expand their appeal to their customers as their 'hometown grocer' to shop for weekly groceries.

Management: S+ is comprised of individuals with direct operating expertise in the retail grocery and wholesale sectors. Since the firm’s principals have been in the grocery sector for many years, they are able to deal directly with the owners of these store whom they've know personally.

Searching for Expertise and Management Talent: The Company is currently searching for individuals with background and experience in grocery retail and direct operating management for it's stores in the northern New Jersey market. Resumes and indications of interest can be directed in confidence to HR@SupermarketsPlus.com.

Supermarkets Plus

Inquiries or wishing to do business with Supermarkets Plus LLC are invited to contact us at fmanzo@supermarketsplus.com or at 312-320-3777. All inquiries are confidential.

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